How to Learn Anything in 8 Easy Steps

How to Learn Anything in 8 Easy Steps

Having trouble learning something new?

Check out this easy way to soak up info like a sponge.

1. Less is more

Less is more

Schedule your learning in short bursts of 30-60 minute sessions a few times a day.

2. Get a different perspective

Get a different perspective

If you’re struggling with a concept on paper, you might prefer an audio or visual lesson. Check out Youtube or Khan Academy to learn more.

3. Take breaks

Take breaks

Your mind is either focused or relaxed. After a period of focus, make sure to relax by taking a walk or stretching, so you can process info.

4. Take notes

Take notes

After every session, write down all the key points you just learned.

5. Chunk it

Chunk it

Organize your info into chunks or memory blocks. For example, phrases in another language or math formulas. Now, you can build on these concepts.

6. Talk to someone

Talk to someone

Nothing helps you understand something more than explaining it to others. Find a buddy you can talk to about what you discovered.

7. Do it

Do it

Make sure you apply what you learn in real situations. Think of this like strength training and get as many reps as needed. This will solidify concepts and make sure you can use them.

8. Adjust

While using this method, you’ll find out more about how you learn. You can focus on what works better for you.

If you prefer listening to lectures, you can spend more time doing so. Or, if you have a short attention span, you can decrease your session times while adding more in your day.

Some retain info quickly but miss things, while others are slower but notice more details. Embrace who you are and adjust accordingly.

Did we miss anything?

Being able to learn something new doesn’t have to be hard. Make sure to enjoy the process and you will learn for a lifetime!

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