10 Cool Skills to Learn while Stuck at Home

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10 Cool Skills to Learn while Stuck at Home

Not going anywhere for a while? How about putting some of your time to good use? Here are some helpful and sometimes cool skills you can easily learn.

Learn how to Learn

If you’re anything like me, the only things you remember from school are embarrassing moments. Like the time I went to the wrong classroom.

But it can be fun to learn something new. Here are a few tricks to help out.

30 second rule – so simple but so effective. After you read an article, attend a lecture or listen to a podcast, simply write down the most important parts. Bonus points if you explain them to someone. This will help you organize and retain the information.

5 hour rule – a workout for your brain. Just like exercising an hour a day, spend an hour learning something too. Set personal goals, track them and learn every day, no matter how busy you are. Used by moguls like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, it’s a major ingredient for success.

Free learning course – intensive learning. For those who want to dig deeper, Coursera has a free curriculum to help you master learning.

Learn how to make crafts or jewelry

Make your own crafts or jewelry
Some simple jewelry ideas from Korea

This one could turn into a nice side-hustle. Check out some tutorials, get some supplies then go for it. It’s a great way to be creative while working with your hands.

Learn calligraphy

Another fun way to disconnect while learning a skill. Many stores sell starter kits. Or, you can just find a style you like and mimic it. This site has free classes to help you get started.

Learn sewing

Save your favorite outfit from getting thrown out with a few simple moves. You’ll be a hero to your friends!

Learn photography

Whether its selfies or landscapes, now’s a good time to learn how to use your camera. It’s a great activity you can do while social distancing.

Learn Korean the fun way

Are you a big fan of Kpop? Why not learn Korean with your favorite artists? Weverse lets you study Korean with popular songs.

Learn an abundance mindset

This is a great way of viewing the world. Got dumped? No problem, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Didn’t get the job you wanted? No worries, there are other companies out there.

The main point of an abundance mindset is you might be a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. Be prepared to explore the limitless opportunities in the world.

Learn some new recipes

Tired of the same old meals? Spice things up with some new dishes. You can try making something new every day.

Learn humor

Comedy can get you through some tough times. Finding some new ways to make you or your friends laugh can make everything nicer.

Learn anything and everything

Nothing here tickles your fancy? Check out this complete list of free courses from Ivy League Schools like Yale.

In Closing

Learning new things pays off with interest. Let us know what you’ve learned recently in the comments!

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