Two People from Different Cultures with the Same Goal

Hi! We’re Lauren and Richard.

In 2013, we were working at different companies in Seoul, but somehow chasing the American Dream. After a trip to Europe, we realized the things we owned weren’t enriching our lives, but the experiences were. After all, you can’t say much about an iPad stand, but you can talk about hiking up the Caldera in Santorini for a lifetime.

So, we decided to start a business, sell anything we couldn’t fit in 2 backpacks and slow travel the world.

After 5 years and 50+ countries, our experiences are a gift that keep giving in the way of perspective, enrichment and memories. Now, we want to share this gift by helping you find fun, exciting and sometimes challenging activities of your own.

We hope you enjoy our site and find the right experiences for you!


Lauren & Richard

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