12 Things to do with Friends while Social Distancing

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12 Things to do with Friends while Social Distancing

Miss quality time with friends? You’re not alone!

I don’t usually organize video chats, because everyone seems so busy. Every time I do though, they’re always up for it.

Video chat is great, but it’s nice to share some activities or experiences (especially ones that don’t involve alcohol).

Here are some ways to socialize while keeping the distance part of the equation.

Start planning your next adventure

Planning can be half the fun of a trip. Get your favorite travel buddies on Face Time. Don’t book anything, but decide on a destination, itinerary and activities. Since the dates are up in the air, you can focus on cool things to do instead of logistics.

Hold a morning coffee meetup

This one works with friends or coworkers. Keep it light with something fun you have planned. Throw in a goal you want to accomplish to make it “work related”.

Have a cooking session

Buy the same ingredients as a friend and set up a video call. You can chat while making a tasty dish. Then you can sit down for a nice meal and talk about how great(or how terrible) it turned out!

Create a weekly newsletter

Get a couple of friends to share fun things from the week. Make a simple template including things you:

  • watched
  • ate
  • read
  • listened to
  • loved
  • disliked

Make it as funny or quirky as you want.

Or if you want something more about personal growth try:

  • a challenge you faced
  • something you learned
  • stretches or exercises you did
  • an accomplishment you’re proud of

Netflix party time

They think of everything now. Sign up here and get a group of friends together. You’ll feel like you’re sharing the same couch.

Stay in shape with a workout

Turn on your favorite exercise video with a friend and enjoy a nice workout together. You can motivate each other and make things a lot more fun.

Find a pen pal

No friends? No problem! Now’s a great time to make new ones. There are many online pen pal sites, most from the 90s, that still work.

There’s even a site dedicated to connecting female travelers. You might end up with more friends than you had before 2020.

Do a group crossword puzzle

A great way to stay in touch while staying sharp. Just pick a puzzle you can handle and get on video chat with a few friends. Resist the urge to make it a competition and have fun with it.

Play party games

There are many to choose from, but Jackbox has a large selection of games across many platforms. For more casual gaming, this app is easy-to-use.

Start a book club

Reading is great. But, it’s even better when you can chat about a book you just finished. Not being able to meet up in person won’t slow things down when you can Face Time.

Hold an online poker tournament

Easy to set up and loads of fun. It’s a great way to bond with friends while taking them down a peg.

Take a class together

Learning something is great. Learning something with a friend is better. This site has a lot of options that you can enjoy with others.

In Closing

Just because you should avoid going outside, doesn’t mean you have to give up socializing.

Show your friends this list and have them check off the ones they’re interested in.

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